Pottery Barn Look alike........

6:07 PM

I have been looking all over the net for ideas for my twins room. The room is very small so they needed something that was going to be functional and with lots of storage. One day I came across Ana White's website and found this store it bed with hutch plans and I knew that would be perfect for their room.

here's what their bedroom look like before:

Here's a pic from Pottery Barn Teen:

This space is where the hutch will go:

We did not make the beds. I found some at Big Lots they were $88 when we bought them on sale, but they are reg. $99 still not bad.

Now we have decided to go up with the hutch and make it taller so they can have their own tv and even more storage.
This is a pic of what it will look like when we are done:
This was such a fun project to do. I ready to take on another one.

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