Striped Drapes

6:37 PM

I'm sure everyone has seen the striped brown drapes from the nester here. She had said that the fabric had discontinued. I had done some research online on how to make these drapes and found several how they were making them. So used craft paint and others used wall paint. So I headed to Walmart and was looking around to see what I could use and not cost me that much since I already had the white curtains I made a few years ago out of twin flat sheets. Well I came across the paint section where the missed colored paints are and found this perfect brown color to use. I grabbed it up and went home to get started. It turned out great. I love how it changed the room. Also I moved my curtain rods up higher to the ceiling.

Here's a before:

and the after:

This is how I did mine:
Layed my curtain out
taped off every 7in and I got 7 brown stripes.
Let it dry, you might need to do more than one coat I didn't I my first one but did on some of the others that needed it.

I love how they turned out!

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