40 things I want to do before I turn 40!

1:50 PM

My husband and I were talking and have been wanting to do some traveling and other things before we turn 40. So we sat down and wrote up a list of things we wanted to do. So here I go with my list:

1. wine tasting
2. go to the Ikea Store (we don't have one in our state)
3. go to New York City
4. go to California
5. go hiking
6. drive in movies with kids or without them
7. lose 30lbs and keep it off
8. getaway weekend with hubby
9. camping at the lake as a family
10. fun family vacation
11. start a savings and keep it maintained
12. fix my tatoos (put another tatoo on them to cover them up)
13. get two new tatoos
14. get my nose pierced
15. donate my hair to locks of love
16. take a ride on the train somewhere
17. go to a live concert
18. get a new car
19. girls weekend getaway
20. mommy and son date
21. dressup and go to a fancy resturant
22. rent a limo and ride around town
23. Colorado and go skiing
24. Kansas and explore
25. get a tummy tuck
26. get a breast lift
27. get me a good camera
28. build onto to our house
29. Branson, MO and have some fun
30. mount rushmore
31. The Grand Canyon
32. North Carolina
33. Flordia
34. Vacation to Paris France
35. have our home paid off
36. take the kids to Disney World
37. take a cruisie with my husband
38. get a new wedding ring
39. take a ride on the canal river downtown
40. go sky diving with my husband

That's my list so we'll see how it goes for me. Wish me luck!

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