Girls Room

8:43 AM

Yesterday morning when we wake and looked out the window we saw this:

we only got 1 inch of snow but it was pretty anyways. My kids played outside most of the day and made a snow fort (I didn't want to go outside to take a picture so I stood at my bedroom window)
While they were outside I took advantage and touched up their dresser with paint and move it in the front living room and took the tv stand and put in their room. They are also a BIG Justin Bieber Fan so I had to do something special for them which they helped some. I think it turned out cute!
I want my kids to decorate their own rooms up to a point, because its their room and they are the ones living in there, so why not just let them be the ones to decorate their rooms or at least help. I learned that from the Nester.

This was cute and easy way to hang pictures:
all I did was hung some twine with a thumb tack and used clothespins to hang the pictures and that it

 Hope you enjoyed the girls quick tour of their room

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