Son's Bedroom Tour

9:45 AM

It has been a struggle to me with my kids toys and how to store them with a system that will actually work. I finally found a way to do it and looks awesome. Thanks to Margo over @ Joyful Homemaking. She organized her kids room using the stackable 9 cube organizer. I got mine from Lowe's when they were on sale. But Big Lots has these too not sure if they are stackable though. Anyways Here's what I did with my son's room:

I got his Bedding at Kohls and curtains and sheets from Big Lots

All of the buckets came from the Dollar Tree and I made the labels from index cards, a hole punch and twine to tie it on them and just wrote on them with a marker.
I just noticed two of his buckets was turned around so you can't see the label. Ha Oh well you get the picture.

Hope you enjoyed his tour of his room!

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