Summer ABC ~ Summer List

3:16 PM

The kids and I started the ABC summer last year and they had a blast doing it, so we decided to do it again for this summer. Here's what we came up with:
A- animals, read about animals and watch a movie with animals (like a discovery one)
B- make bird feeders with toliet rolls, like here from pinterest, and bikes rides
C- camera (disposable) fun for the summer
D- do a puzzle
E- eat anything for lunch
F- feed the ducks
G- giant cube awesomeness filled with plastic toys, glow in the dark ring toss
H- homemade bubbles, hat day
I- indoor smores, indoor campout
J- jammie day
K- kickball
L- library, lollipops
M- make marshmellow shooters, movie party
N- nature walk
O- outdoor play (bike wash)
P- pool noodle marble race, picinic @ park
Q- Q-tip painting
R- reading party, ride bikes
S- sonic happy hour, shaving cream fun!
T- toliet paper owls
U- umbrella craft
W- waterpark and eat watermelon
X- x-marks the spot treasure hunt
Y- yard twister
Z- zig zag race using outdoor chalk and cars

Already got my Summer List up down the hallway!

We are going to have endless fun this summer! Hope you have a fun summer with your family!

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