Painted bed sheets for shower curtain

12:56 PM

Yesterday I showed you how I made my letters for the kids bathroom wall. Today I was just going to show you how I did the shower curtain. I made the shower curtain out of a twin bed sheet. 
I really didn't measure I just eyeballed it and worked out for what I was wanting

This was after I painted and pulled off the tape off. The paint I used was just regular interior paint from walmart color was sunlit tulip

The bathroom is so small and don't have any light that comes in so this was the best pic I could get. I hung the curtain from ceil to floor. I love how it turned out and the kids were amazed what mommy had did for their bathroom. 
Also I did sew so button holes at the top for the shower rings would go into.

Checklist for the bathroom to finish it:
Framed mirror
Shelve over toliet for towels
New rug

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