Our Bed got a makeover

1:43 PM

After having our bed for about 8 yrs we wanted a new bed so instead of spending more money(on which we didn't have) on a new bed we decided to give our bed an upgrade. I was wanting a canopy bed and we found plans how to make the canopy part here. We already had the bed just needed a canopy. It worked out just fine. Here's a sneak peek when we started:

Here's how I hang the curtains:
I used the screw in hooks shown here:

Used some PVC pipes for the rods
(tip: for taken the stamp off the pvc pipe, I just used my scraper and scraped it off and it came off great and I didn't even have to paint)

I bought some flat white sheets at Walmart and took out the seam on each side of the top of the sheet and then just placed it on my rod. It was so easy to make. 

We are very pleased on how it turned out. We are going to change the light fixture with a beautiful chandelier. I also painted our bedroom a dark chocolate color and did another collage over our tv stand just gotta get some more pics blowed up to put in the frames. 

Happy Sunday!

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