Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover

7:02 PM

I've been away from my blog for sometime now, and I feel its time to get back into it.  I've really enjoyed taken some time off being with my family, watching my kids grow up, its so important. My husband and I both had changed jobs in the time being away from my blog and we are really happy with our changes we made. The kids are getting ready to finish up middle school and going to enter in High School soon. Wow where has the time gone by! Anyways just a little bit about us and now lets jump into the good stuff. My husband and I have been really wanting to sell our house for years and we actually sold our house once and backed out of the sale. We have been wanting a bigger house for all of the kids to have their own rooms and just spread out, but for some reason I think God wants us here in this house. I had a dream one night that we were adding onto our home and God was talking to me thru that dream. In saying that and having the dream, my mind starting spinning on what room to redo and so on. Well I wanted to start with our Master bedroom cause we wanted a cozy bedroom to come relax in at the end of the day, also I love farmhouse look. So here we go, its still a working progress but this is what we have come up with so far.


added the wall planks using 1/4in plywood
heres a great tutorial I used here

I used putty to hide all of the nail holes and get ready for paint

I had primer leftover and I did primer the walls first but funny my husband comes home with the paint for me and its the primer and paint all in one, WOW I just wasted a step ha! That's okay at least I know the wall is double primed now ha!

I was only gonna do the planked walls white and do the rest of my walls another color but since our walls were so dark I wanted to make our room feel open and brighter so I just painted the whole room a Dove White color in valspar from Lowes. I love this color its a true white color I've ever seen. 


So here is a start on our relaxing/romantic bedroom, more to come so stayed tuned............

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