Organizing Kids Bathroom

5:03 PM

Since the New Year started one of my goals was to get my house organized. So I jumped on Pinterest and started pinning and found some really good ideas that would work great in my home. Also can't forget Youtube, its my second favorite site to look on. My first organizing project was to get the kids bathroom sink organized.

This is my inspiration:

So I headed out to the Dollar Tree and got these

I thought I was done but with the smaller hooks the baskets fell right off the door, and Dollar Tree didn't have the bigger hooks so I opt to go to Walmart and found a 6 pk for .97, even better.

I rehung the bigger hooks and put the baskets back up and it worked and they are more sturdy and stronger now. 

I was so happy with the results I'm gonna do another three baskets for my girls hair brushes, etc.

Until then.......Have a great rest of the week.

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