Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

1:05 PM

I have been on this kick on organizing here lately wanting to get my house in order and try to keep it that way. Well I started in the kitchen and organized all of my spices, baking goods, and coffee, drinks, etc. I got everything at the Dollar Tree and was so excited to finish it up this past weekend. I had to search 5 different Dollar Trees in my area to get exactly would I wanted mainly one of the items HA! So here is a before picture of what my cabinet looked like:

Its a mess, I tried to organize it all of the time but it always seems to get back messy. So I decided to head to the Dollar Tree and picked up a few things here and there until I had everything complete. I'm so excited to show you the finished look.


I made the lazy susan's from two Dollar Tree round cake pans and a bag of marbles. I ended up halving the bag to make two lazy susan's. I really am liking this idea, it takes less space up in your cabinets and you can also see everything you have without pulling it all out.
Well I hope I have inspired you to organize your kitchen or any other space in your home. I'm so excited for our Diy project we did this past weekend to so you later this week. Have a wonderful day.

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