DIY Painted Mason Jars

5:53 AM

I love everything Farmhouse and I ran across painted mason jars on pinterest the other day and that it would add a perfect farmhouse decor item for my kitchen. I got busy gathering the items I needed for the project. I had the jars just needed some paint and brushes. I took a trip to Walmart and got the paint and brushes. This is what you will need:

this is the color I choose to use

I put one coat on them and let sit overnight before putting on another one

I got the second coat on them and they don't have to be perfect cause I will be distressing them

I started distressing them and sanded them down til I got desired look I wanted

and here they are

I'm so loving the new look of my jars and a new way to add some farmhouse to my kitchen! I just took a piece of 2x4 scrap wood we had and stained it the same color as the stand we built for our stove. Its almost time for the weekend again. I'm finally starting to feel better after having so sickness around here and I'm really looking forward the weekend its supposed to be a nice one around 84', can't wait to enjoy some warm weather for a day. Have a great day! 

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