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I've been having too much fun organizing my kitchen cabinets and also took a break from our Master Bedroom Makeover that we had started on. We are trying to do everything on a budget so when your on a budget it takes a little longer than what you want. I wanted to share with you a cheap way to make a curtain rod and curtains too.
Back in December I was searching around on pinterest for curtains for our Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover, I came across this great tutorial on how to make a curtain rod really cheap. I only needed it for one window, so I have enough material leftover to make another rod for my daughters room. They are so easy I'm going to make more for the rest of our windows in our home.
Now for the curtains, for Christmas I was wanting this book from Liz Fourez, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm

In here book she shows you how to make these cute no sew drop cloth curtains

When I saw these in the book I knew that's how I wanted my bedroom curtains to be.
I got me two drop cloth at Harbor Freight  they were the cheapest in town and they always have 
20% off coupons so it makes it an even sweeter deal. Next we headed to Lowes to get the hardware and pipe for the rod and came home and started on them. I also went to Walmart and bought the curtain clip rings really cheap. I needed two package for my curtains
Make sure you wash your drop cloths first before hanging them so they will be fresh smelling and softer to work with.

Here's our curtain rod and curtains

I really loved how the curtain rod and curtains all turned out, they are more sturdy then the ones you buy at the store and way cheaper. I'm so thankful to have found the tutorial to make the rods. Our Master Bedroom is coming together slowing but we just need a few more touches to the room and well be done with it. Just had a few set backs but its coming together nicely. Can't wait to reveal the whole room when we are finished. Have a wonderful weekend!

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