Friday's Favorite Pinterest

3:43 AM

Thank goodness we made it through another week and its time for the weekend again, my favorite time. Well I've been so busy this week with work and kids school. Next week we are getting my son ready for High School WHAT! I can't believe that time has already come for him. Time is really flying. Well Spring will be here before you know it, and I've been looking at some cute door wreaths to make for my mine. I came across tons of cute ideas but these were my favorite that I will show you. They will have links to go to them if you wanna make one too.

Well I haven't decided on a wreath yet, I love them all but I still have sometime before Spring is here to decide. I want one that will go thru til summer. I have my favorite DIY project coming up tomorrow that I've been so excited to share. Have a great weekend!

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