Wooden Crates into Entertainment center

7:11 AM

I have been working on a few little projects for my son's room and trying to get it organized at the same time. So of course like always, I get on Pinterest and start searching for some ideas. I came up with this idea for his tv.

I started out searching where I could get some wooden crates the cheapest and I found that Michaels Craft Store was having a sale on them right now in my area for $10 and regular they are $14.99. I couldn't use the 40% off coupon but that was okay cause $10.00 works for me. I picked up 4 of them. It worked perfect for the space I was using.  

When I got home I was so excited to get started on these babies. I used the dark walnut stain that I already had and got busy. After they were all stained I let them sit over night to dry. You can use a clear coat on them but I never do I'm too impatient and couldn't wait another minute even a few more hours. HA!

My sweet hubby and I took a trip to Walmart and got some toggle bolts for hold up the crates

In no time the wooden crates were hung and we got his TV hung up as well.


I'm so happy how it all turned out and my son is loving it too. 
One down a few more to go. Next I'll be showing you how I made his hat rack in the right corner. It was so simple and easy. Til next time have a wonderful weekend.

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