Christmas Trees

6:29 PM

My daughter and I went to the Salvation Army today and found some cute christmas trees to decorate and put in my kids rooms.  My son's had more work to do on it but it was fun to redo the tree. I made it a little bigger and taller. The end results are awesome. They are enjoying having a christmas tree in their rooms.

My son's Tree

Before this poor thing

I made it a little taller by adding some brown paper on the top of the tree and wrapped tree tinsel around the whole tree and had to hot glue some of the pieces and pushing out some of the tree underneath so I could hang things on the tree.

I used this plastic container I had recycled and hot glue it to the bottom of the tree and help it stand up better

Here's a close up pic of the small tree I had these wooden stars and just hot glued them on the tree.

Here it is with the lights beautiful.........

Here's my girls tree


These were the girls first christmas ornaments they got when they were babies

Hope you are enjoying decorating around your home this christmas! 

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