Tornados everywhere

12:32 PM

Yesterday evening we had some very bad storms roll through Oklahoma. They were so scary and we don't even have a storm shelter so we took off in the truck and that's the one thing you should never do. But the weather man was telling everyone to get south from the storm and we panicked we left. We needless to say we got stuck in all of the craziness out there but we finally found a safe spot and stayed there for a few minutes then we headed back home. Then we got into a lot of rain and hail, but thank God we made it back safely. I was singing with the kids Jesus loves me on the way home and we prayed all of the way. We regretted leaving in the truck and will never do that again.

this is one of the news weathers truck that got caught up in the tornado.

the mother and baby in the suv got sucked out of the suv into the tornado and carried them away and the were found by some trees not alive, so sad. 
They said as of now there were 9 people lost their lives. These storms just seem to get stronger and stronger each time they touch down. Just keeping praying for our state!

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