Farmhouse bedside dresser makeover

1:09 PM

Every year around our big junk pickup around our neighborhoods, my son and I always drive around and see what kind of good treasures we can find. Well on our last fall junk pickup last year we were out looking and we can across this good piece of furniture I just couldn't pass it by. So we got it and I brought it home and knew this would be the perfect bedside dresser for our farmhouse bedroom. I did a quick measurement just to make sure it was going to work and Awesome it did! I was so excited that afternoon I got busy sanding it down some to get ready for paint. Here's the before and after shots of it.


 I got it painted and the back of the dresser was kinda bad so I had some extra 1/4 plywood around I just pieced them on there and perfect, it made it more sturdy as well.
(see that pallet, we found it too and I will show you what I did with it too)

I finished painted it took it in my bedroom. I wasn't really excited about just the plain white in there, so the next day took it back outside and sanded on it and it still wasn't looking how I wanted so I got some acetone to remove some of the paint and sanded some more and finally this is how I wanted it. I love how it turned out. Its perfect now!

I very happy how everything is turning out so far. Again stay tuned for more of our Farmhouse Master bedroom. Have a great rest of the week.

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