Wooden Bath Caddy DIY

6:49 AM

Good Morning, and hope you had a wonderful week, but I so glad I was able to relax this morning and not head off to work. Remember when I told you about this post about me and my son going around picking up treasures from the Big trash pickup. Well it was this pallet that I found, and when you see pallets you need to grab them up, cause there are so many fun projects you can do with them.
I found this quick and easy video to take apart the pallet in 5mins

this was the pallet we found under the dresser

I just took two longer pieces of the pallet and removed all nails and cut one down to 12in wide and the other one I had my husband cut in half for me to use as the back of the caddy to hold the pieces together. We cut that one at 31 1/2in long and the width of those pieces were 1 1/4 inches. I did end up having my husband cut me one more strip for the back cause I felt two wasn't strong enough, It was perfect with three pieces on the back.

Here's what you should end up with 

These are the strips for the back of the caddy you will use

I used:
8- 12in boards from pallet piece
3- 31 1/2 long and 1 1/4 wide strips for the back (now this measurements will depend on the size of your bathtub so you might have to adjust it)
1in nails to nail them in place (you can get these at walmart for .97)
stain dark walnut

I spaced the planks with some leftover 1/4in paneling plywood
when I go to the end I was short a little piece so my husband got out the saw again and cut me a skinny strip for the end piece which it measured at 1 3/8in 

This is the end results, I love how it looks and its functional for relaxing in the bathtub

Well I hope I explained good enough for you to go and make your own, and start relaxing in style. Have a great weekend!

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