Over the Stove Stand

7:16 AM

Oh I've been excited to share with you about a fun project my hubby and I worked on last weekend. I ran across this pin on Pinterest the other day on my lunch break and I thought to myself we could make this. We had some scrap wood laying around and got to work. We measured the space where the board was going to go. We used 2x4's to make this and screws to hold it together. The stain I used was dark walnut, but you can use any stain of your choice, I just used what I had one hand.

we made sure it was going to fit and made some adjustments if we need to

Perfect! Now it was ready to for me to do my magic and make it look pretty, I did sand the rough edges down and filled in any gaps before I stained it.

just waiting for it to dry and I would recommend 24hrs and also you can put a clear coat to protect it, but I'm not that patient when it comes to something exciting as this. I did wait til it dried but not 24hrs, I didn't put a heavy coat of stain so it dried pretty fast, I think about 2 or 3 hrs. Once it had dried I brought it in the kitchen, its done and we were so excited of how it turned out. Now I'm on the look for some cute jars for my oils and such. 

I will be showing how I made my rustic jars there to the right next week, so stay tuned for the tutorial on them. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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